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Many Great Old Time Gospel Songs On Slide Shows
Israel on–line slide show tours and NEW video tour may be best on web (over 40 parts, each app. 15 to 25 minutes long with fascinating info).
Beautiful Gospel music plays as the exodus of Moses—Egypt to Jordan to Israel unfolds. Cairo, pyramids, Petra, Amman added. Do you wonder what there is to see in the Holy Land? Site reveals Israel border to border. Israel has a 9200’ snow-capped mountain, tall skyscrapers, ancient cities, Bible sites, deserts, huge craters, great beaches & resorts, lowest place on earth, very salty lake–float like a buoy, mountains of salt, old–world markets, night life, friendly people, fine hotels, food, universities.
LINK: Egypt-Land of Goshen
LINK:Egypt-Mt. Sinai
Egypt-Mt. Sinai
LINK:Jordan-Petra tour
Jordan-Petra tour
LINK:view from Mt. Nebo
Jordan-Mt. Nebo
LINK:Israel-Tel Aviv
Israel-Pt. 1 Tel Aviv
LINK:Israel-Sea of Galilee
Israel-Sea of Galilee
LINK:Jerusalem-Wailing Wall
Jerusalem Western Wall

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Touring Israel 2016 Video

Israel online tour includes “all” major cities & religious sites, plus famous towns, battle sites, kibbutz, malls, markets, universities, caverns.
SALVATION is only possible by humbling yourself-1Pe 5:5, repenting of your sins-Lk 13:3 and trusting in Jesus Christ as your only hope-Eph 2:8. AFTERWARD you are commanded to be baptized by full immersion-Mk 16:16 and to read and obey the Gospel-Heb5:9. God loves you and is not willing that any should perish.
Israel's rebirth predicted in the Bible 2000 plus years ago is a miracle of miracles that happened May 14, 1948.
Interested in going to Israel or Jordan? Click here for links. (Lord willing, coming soon.)
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Click here Maps of the Exodus route, maps of Egypt, Jordan, and Petra.      Click here Statement of Faith.
Click here BibleStudies.org Excellent, indepth Bible study site.                      Click here Battleofarmageddon.com  Accurate Prophecy in detail.
Click here How to Be Saved and the Spiritual Battle that follows.                   Israel sightseeing tips, Israel vacation guide, Israel touring info,
Israel map included in the Israel tours, Tel Aviv tours. Jordan map included in Jordan tour. Egypt map included in Egypt tour.


Click here Egypt Pt 1a. (Note Num 33:1-52) Cairo, city of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Great Pyramid and more.
Click here Egypt Pt 1b. (Note Num 33:1-52) More pyramids, Sphinx and Moses' route begins from Goshen, as God led the Israelites. Bible maps.
Click here Egypt Pt 2a. Suez Canal, Marah, Elim, Rephidim, Wilderness of Sin, “Golden Calf” area, “Burning Bush”.
Click here Egypt Pt 2b. Mt. Sinai, Nuweiba, Red Sea, crossing the Red Sea onto Jordan.
Click here Jordan Pt 1. Jordan, Aqaba, King’s Highway, Mt. Hor, Petra, Bible maps, also Israel’s Eilat.
Click here Jordan Pt 2. Moses to King’s Highway, sandstorm, Amman, Madaba, ancient maps, Mt. Nebo (Moses saw Promised Land & died), Jericho.

Click here Israel Pt 1. Indepth Israeli tour begins. Touring Israel begins at Mt. Nebo where Moses first saw it. Jordan to Tel Aviv, also Tel Aviv airport to Tel Aviv, beautiful world-class Tel Aviv beaches.

Click here Israel Pt 2. Israel sightseeing tour. Complete tour of Tel Aviv, including Independance Hall, Haganah Museum, Carmel Market, Ben–Gurion House, skyscrapers, amusement park.

Click here Israel Pt 3. Night tour of Tel Aviv, world–class zoo, Jaffa (where Simon Peter & Simon the tanner were; also logs for the Temple came here from Lebanon).

Click here Israel Pt 4. Petah Tikva (mother of Israeli villages), Modi’in (modern, planned city), Valley of Aijalon (sun stood still), Sampson & Delilah, Soreq Cave, Beth–shemesh (Ark returned), David & Goliath, Satellite dishes.

Click here Israel Pt 5. Bet Guvrin, Bell Caves, Gat, Ashdod (Israel’s largest port), Givat Brenner Kibbutz and sheep.

Click here Israel Pt 6. Weizmann Institute, Carmel Winery, passing thru Tel Aviv, sand dunes, Caesarea.

Click here Israel Pt 7. Ancient Roman aqueduct, Mt. Megiddo (Jezreel Valley-area of Battle of Armageddon), tombs of Beit She'arim.

Click here Israel Pt 8. Mukbraka (or Mt. Carmel–Elijah called fire down), Carmel Mtns, Haifa, Bahai Gardens, Akko (Paul there), Olive trees. Historical time period charts.

Click here Israel Pt 9. Nazareth, Nazareth village, Bet Alpha, Harod spring (Lord separated 300 to Gideon), Nain.

Click here Israel Pt 10. Mt. Tabor (Mt. of Transfiguration), Cana (water to wine), planting trees Lavi Forest, special flowers and trees, Safed (miracle city), Mt. Meron, tanks, Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, Syrian border.

Click here Israel Pt 11. Kiryat Sh'mona, Tel Dan (golden calf worshipped), Caesarea Philippi (who do people say that I am?), Mt. Hermon (Israel’s tallest mountain), Birkat Ram.

Click here Israel Pt 12. Border fortications, bunkers and eucalyptus trees, Golan Heights, Mount Bental and the great tank battle, cattle, birds, Syrian border.

Click here Israel Pt 13. Above the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee, Maagan Holiday Village, En Gev on the Sea of Galilee, Gadarenes, Bet Saida, Upper Jordan River.

Click here Israel Pt 14. Capernaum (home of Peter and where Jesus often stayed), Mount of Beatitudes (Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount), Tabgha (fed 5000), ancient boat.

Click here Israel Pt 15. Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, hot springs, special view of the Sea of Galilee, lower Jordan River and Yardenit (baptism site), Israeli–Jordan border.

Click here Israel Pt 16. Bet She’an (new city), Bet She’an (lower city excavations), Bet She’an (Saul’s body hung up in the temple), Mt. Gilboa (Saul killed), Byzantine church, Israeli–Jordan border, lower Jordan River, Mt. of Temptation.

Click here Israel Pt 17. Nearing Jericho, Jericho excavations, current town of Jericho, Good Samaritan Inn, Genesis Land and Abraham’s tent, Bedouin village, approaching back side of the Mt. of Olives and Jerusalem.

Click here Israel Pt 18. Jerusalem. Entering the city, Mt. Scopus, Mt. of Olives.

Click here Israel Pt 19. Jerusalem. Going down from Mt. of Olives, Valley of Hinnom (Judas hung himself), from here through Pt 21 follows Jesus from the Upper Room to where He was buried. Upper Room, Garden of Gethsemane.

Click here Israel Pt 20. Jerusalem. (Jesus was tried) House of Caiaphas, Praetorium (Pilate’s common hall), gate Jesus may have gone through, the garden of the tomb.

Click here Israel Pt 21. Jerusalem. Place of the Skull, the Garden Tomb.

Click here Israel Pt 22. Jerusalem. Actual place Jesus may have been crucified, cementary on hill above Place of the Skull, modern Jerusalem, Jerusalem Great Synagogue.

Click here Israel Pt 23. Jerusalem. Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book, Billy Rose Garden, model of Old Jerusalem, a synagogue, orthodox Jews.

Click here Israel Pt 24. Jerusalem. Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum, Herzl Cemetery, Knesset, notable buildings.

Click here Israel Pt 25. Jerusalem. Hotels and hotel guidelines.

Click here Israel Pt 26. Jerusalem. Lively Ben Yehuda Street Mall.

Click here Israel Pt 27. Jerusalem. City malls, markets and things to see on foot. King Herod’s family tomb.

Click here Israel Pt 28. Jerusalem. Stores, flowers, birds, animals, parks and the unusual in Jerusalem.

Click here Israel Pt 29. Jerusalem. Memorial, Israeli security wall, Old City walls.

Click here Israel Pt 30. Jerusalem. Western Wall, Southern Wall, Southern Wall Excavations.

Click here Israel Pt 31. Jerusalem. Tunnel reveals lower Western Wall, Broad Wall, old streets and gates.

Click here Israel Pt 32. Jerusalem. Eastern Gate, David’s City, walking around the city, David’s Tomb, Pool of Bethesda.

Click here Israel Pt 33. Jerusalem. Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulchre Church in detail.

Click here Israel Pt 34. Jerusalem. Christ Church, touring the Citadel.

Click here Israel Pt 35. Jerusalem. Burnt House , a rich man’s house, the Cardo, King Solomon’s quarries, walking around Old Jerusalem.

Click here Israel Pt 36. Jerusalem. Temple Mount, Eastern Gate, depart temple mount.

Click here Israel Pt 37. Jerusalem. Bethany, fields of Boaz, Bethlehem.

Click here Israel Pt 38. Jerusalem. Departing Bethlehem for Jerusalem, Ein Karem (home of John Baptist). Departing for airport.

Click here Israel Pt 39. Jerusalem. Dead Sea and areas south.

Click here Israel Pt 40. Essenes, Qumran caves, Dead Sea.

Click here Israel Pt 41. Ahava, Dead Sea sites, old synagogue, animals, Engedi.

Click here Israel Pt 42. Engedi to Masada visitor center, movie, cable car, cisterns, entrance.

Click here Israel Pt 43. Masada and rear of Masada. Pics shown by direction. First N. then W.,S., E.

Click here Israel Pt 44. Masada rear. Rare photos of the top of the ramp.

Click here Israel Pt 45. Depart Masada, them to Arad, back of Masada, then Arad and Zohar.

Click here Israel Pt 46. Dead Sea, hotels, beach, swimming, dog, Mt. Sodom, Lot's wife, areas south.

Click here Israel Pt 47. Arava, Tzofar, Paran Desert, police, Yotvata, Acacia tree, Timna Park.

Click here Israel Pt 48. Timna Park with Wilderness, Tabernacle and Solomon's Pillars.

Click here Israel Pt 49. Timna Park and copper Mines. Departing park. Wilderness to Eilat.

Click here Israel Pt 50. Eilat, Red Sea, hotels, beach, S/W water front, airport, Malachite, West side .

Click here Israel Pt 51. Eilat, underwater observatory, night, Aqaba, Eilat West to Egypt Border.

Click here Israel Pt 52. Israeli-Egyptian border, Paron Desert, Tamon Crater, Mitzpe Ramon, prison Avdot.

Click here Israel Pt 53. Kibbutz Sde Boker, Wilderness of Zen, Beersheva, Abraham's Well.

Click here Israel Pt 54. Tel Beersheva, Isaac’s Well, cistern, Maresha, Ashdod to Tel Aviv.

Click here Israel Pt 55. Tel Aviv Life, Independance Hall, Jerusalem, Special Message, Hatikvah, Airport.

We are working very hard to get the rest of the Israel parts online quickly. It is a huge job to sort through tens of thousands of various kinds of pictures, put them in order, write captions, produce the music and then combine it, so it all goes perfectly together. Thank you for your patience. Please tell a friend about this site.

It has been said, if a person falls in the streets of New York, people would take a wide step around them. If a person falls in Tel Aviv, immediately people would stop to assist. We have found this to be true. Is it safe to go to Israel? Yes, far safer than going to many cities and countries of the world.

Interested in going to Israel or Jordan? Click here for links. (Lord willing, coming soon.)

All photos used were taken by our own photographer and are protected by copyright law.